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The product images on the New Age site were confusing to say the least. Some had transparent backgrounds, others didn't. There are only 4 different kinds of Mouthguards and Mouthpieces being sold by New Age, but one would think there were more based on the product images. 


Sometimes they were pictured with a case, without a case, or even in packaging. "Fitness Stacks" come with multiple mouthpieces, but by looking at the images, it wasn't clear how many. The images were all sized differently, and therefore didn't line up in a grid. Each time a new product was introduced, a different approach was taken to creating the image.


My task was to redesign the product images to make shopping an easier experience for the customer.  


I started by giving all items a transparent background, so the buyer wasn't distracted by different image styles. If a fitness stack came with 3 variations of mouthpieces and mouthguards, plus a shaker, I made sure to include each item in the image, as well as a label for each mouthpiece because the difference between each one can be subtle.


The larger "stacks" include bulk discounts. There are 3 deals: Buy 3 Get 1 Free, Buy 5 Get 3 Free, and Buy 7 Get 5 Free. This can be confusing, so I placed emphasis on the starting number, and added the extra items to the product image.


Overall, the style is more cohesive, and the brand's neon blue & green colour scheme is more dominant.


Following the new theme, New Age was able to add several new products to their store. Check out some of the other products I mocked up and uploaded to the site below.

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