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Authentic Wicked Wear wanted to create a landing page to showcase their most popular product, the Typhoon Shaker. The fitness market is saturated with hundreds of different shakers, so the Typhoon needed to stand out. 

Their current design consisted of bland images, grey boxes, confusing margins, and text with no clear hierarchy. 

Reading the text, I realized that the Typhoon was available in any custom colour chosen by the customer. The images accompanying the text did not make this obvious, so I made the shaker colour a focus of the redesigned site.


My redesigned Typhoon page features a distressed black steel background. All the text is white, there are clear social icons, and the text boxes now include bold titles and subtitles.


Instead of being clumped into one small box, each style of Typhoon Shaker was given room to breathe. The screen is divided by anchor points, so when the Typhoon, Typhoon V2, or Typhoon Mini buttons are clicked, the page scrolls down to the appropriate product.

The bland shaker images are replaced by GIFs that cycle through the wide variety of colour options.

The page was brought out of the 90s and into 2018.

Authentic Wicked Wear's customers now have a clearer picture of the Typhoon, Mini, and V2.

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